"Although urology is Dave's surgical specialty, his healing work, teaching and writing extend into psycho-spiritual realms which embrace indigenous wisdoms including nature as healer, the power of dreams, ancestral guidance in our lives and a perspective of death as a joyous reality of life's continuance. 

 "The multi-faceted body/mind/spirit scope of his interest and expertise have greatly enriched and expanded the Omega Program's mission. He has led many in-service retreats for our instructors who are crazy about him. He's so damn erudite yet very modest, having an authentic gentility with a dollop of the playful rascal. We surely see him as being in tune with the universe and possessed with some of its happiest and richest secrets which he generously shares." 

 Maryellen Flynn Kelley, Retired Director - Omega Program, Continuing Education Division, Santa Barbara City College 

 "When I first met Dave I knew immediately that he had a special quality that defined his whole way of being in the world. He is someone who really walks the path, a true healer, and dedicated doctor of both African and Western medicine. I have referred many of my patients to him and seen stubborn or difficult conditions disappear. In addition, I have had the great joy of inviting him to teach our students at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dave has something of great value to offer us and we are blessed to have him in these troubling times. We can all benefit by listening to his deep wisdom and taking his medicine." 

 Caylin Huttar, Ph.D., L.Ac., Somatic Studies Specialization Chair - Depth Psychology Department, Pacifica Graduate Institute 

 "As an avowed skeptic I can't believe what I can't observe. I've directly observed Dr. Cumes as he teaches, counsels others and gives great advice. He is one of the best listeners I've ever met. While I don't presently believe in the supernatural - I believe entirely in the skills and caring powers of this remarkable man. (Maybe this could help you reach the 20% of us who are, right or wrong, in the skeptics camp.)" 

 Don Lubach, University Administrator and Faculty Member

"It was a privilege to host Dr. Cumes at Wellness Weekend in the Wild 2001. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the topic of healing and nature, drawing from his medical training and background as well as extended time and study with indigenous cultures and healers throughout the world. He is a knowledgeable, well-educated man as well as a gifted healer who has touched the inner magic of his soul, and readily shares his gifts with others. His programs are a blend of the richness of his experiences with indigenous cultures, the wisdom he has gained from these people, and the knowledge of a well-trained western physician. He is an excellent speaker who brought a wealth of information and insight to this weekend."

Pam Greenslate, Director - CASA Center For Therapeutic Services, Peoria, IL

"I have been involved in coordinating the Mind-Supermind lecture series in our community for over 25 years. Our speakers have included renowned physicians such as Deepak Chopra, Rachel Naomi Remen, Bernie Siegel, Larry Dossey - and most recently David Cumes. When I first heard Dave speak I was very excited to learn that he is one of our own local practicing surgeons! His message and mission encompass such a holistic world view of healing. I have the highest regard for Dr. Cumes both personally and professionally, and I know the Santa Barbara community is extremely gratified that he now has a growing international audience."

 Ellen Downing MS, Founder - Mind and Super-Mind: Expanding the Limits of Consciousness, Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education Division 

"Rather than creating a new, confusing, complex approach as many other authors do, Dr Cumes fashions a synergy - a union - of several classic healing traditions. He describes this union in plain English, using abundant common sense, in an easy-to-read, captivating manner, incorporating stories from his own life, creating a book suitable for layman or professional alike."

 Alan Singh Weiss, M.D., M.M.E., F.A.C.S., Director Medical Education California Hospital Los Angeles, Clinical Asst. Professor Surgery USC 

 'The Spirit of Healing is a compelling book that demonstrates how nature is a profound teacher of our own nature.

" Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., author of The Four-fold Way and Signs of Life 

"Dr David Cumes has studied healing around the world. He writes wisely about the most basic elements of health and illness. This book is a return to ancient wisdom seen through the eyes of a skilled surgeon, and a penetrating glimpse of the medicine of the future."

 Larry Dossey M.D., author of Prayer is Good Medicine and Reinventing Medicine 

 "'The Source: Tshisimane is the thrilling account of surgeon David Cumes’ encounter with the indigenous medicine of South Africa, his birthplace. Initiated as a sangoma or native healer, Cumes learned to integrate ancestral insights with modern medicine. I know of no more fascinating personal journey among modern medical practitioners than this—a blend of courage and wisdom that are rare in any age. Cumes is equally at home with leopards stalking his wilderness retreat, and the halls of a modern hospital. David Cumes is a modern hero—someone who has ventured into unknown territory, faced great challenges, and who returns to share his hard-earned wisdom. For anyone interested in psychological and spiritual growth, this is a must-read. But it should come with a warning: This book may change forever your idea of how the world works."    

 Larry Dossey, M.D. 

 "Inner Passages, Outer Journeys adds another level of healing wisdom to the merging paradigm of health. [The author] reminds us that the environment is our extended body and that when given the opportunity, Nature is the ultimate healer, returning us to wholeness."

 David Simon, M.D., Medical Director of the Chopra Center for Well Being 

 "David Cumes, M.D. led a group of travelers for my company on a ten-day journey to the Kalahari San Bushmen in Botswana. It was an exceptional experience for all participants. Much of the travelers' personal teaming was due to Dave's gentle, firm teaching manner. He prepared the way and allowed the experience to unfold in its own way for each individual. Dave walks his talk, is knowledgeable, present, approachable and fun to be around. I have asked him to lead another journey next year"

 Carole Angermeir, President. Cross Cultural Journeys 

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