Divining Bones


The Spirit of Healing
Venture Into the Wilderness to Rediscover the Healing Force

"'The Spirit of Healing' is a compelling book that demonstrates how nature is a profound teacher of our own nature."
Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., author of
The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

"Dr. David Cumes has studied healing around the world. He writes wisely about the most basic elements of health and illness. This book is a return to ancient wisdom seen through the eyes of a skilled surgeon, and a penetrating glimpse of the medicine of the future."
Larry Dossey, M.D., author of
Prayer is Good Medicine and Healing Words

The Spirit of Healing is out of print, though recycled copies are still available through Amazon.com and other sources.
This revised edition below can be downloaded as a PDF by
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Healing Trees and Plants of the Lowveld

by David Cumes, M.D., Rael Loon & Dries Beste
Struik Books,
South Africa
"This book describes the medicinal properties of many of the trees and plants in this incredibly biodiverse area."

Dave Cumes
Inner Passages Outer Journeys
Wilderness, Healing, and the Discovery of Self

"This is an important book with fresh and powerful insights into human nature, and the vast lattice of nature that embraces all beings."

Joan Halifax, author of
The Fruitful Darkness; Reconnecting with the Body of the Earth

"Inner Passages, Outer Journeys
adds another level of healing wisdom to the merging paradigm of health. (The author) reminds us that the environment is our extended body and that when given the opportunity, Nature is the ultimate healer, returning us to wholeness."

David Simon, M.D., Medical Director of the Chopra Center for Well Being

"We have preserved wilderness areas, like books in a library--but 'reading' them will require more spiritual sensitivity. This book will help."

Roderick Frazier Nash, Professor Emeritus and author of
Wilderness and the American Mind

Inner Passages Outer Journeys is out of print, though recycled copies are still available through Amazon.com and other sources.
This revised edition below can be downloaded as a PDF by
clicking here.

Mpofu's Grandmother's Loving Lessons:
and the wisdom of her ways

As told to David Cumes, M.D. & Maryellen Kelley
These stories come from the "other side" of the veil between the worlds. The teller of the stories is Mpofu, a woman who lived many years ago in South Africa. Mpofu was a sangoma (Zulu word for shaman). Sangomas use divination, trance and dreams to heal those who come to them for help. They are the medicine men and women, prophets and priests of the Bantu people. The lessons were taught to Mpofu by her grandmother when she was a child to help her along life's path. Mpofu is now a special guide to Dave Cumes.
$11 (add tax for CA)
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Africa in My Bones
A surgeon's odyssey into the spirit world of African healing
"This is a thought-provoking book written by someone who walks along two roads, who is on the one hand a surgeon of note and on the other a sangoma. The world needs such people who see Africa through two eyes, the African eye and the Western eye."

Vusamazulu Creda Mutwa: Zulu High Sanusi
"This (book) shows the interconnectedness of life, balancing modern and indigenous, people and nature, the physical and the spiritual. His testimony turns the so-called African 'superstition' into reality as his devotion and trust allowed him to surrender to the uncertain initiatory process of sangoma. Everyone should read Africa in My Bones with respect and reverence."

Malidoma Patrice Somé, PhD, West African diviner of the Dagara people of Burkino Faso, author of Of Water and the Spirit, The Healing Wisdom of Africa

Available through newafricabooks.co.za,  exclusivebooks.com, amazon.com and through Dave's office at 805-964-6771

For further video information on Dave's journey into the world of African indigenous healing
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Messages From The Ancestors:
Wisdom For The Way

As received and compiled by Maryellen Kelley & David Cumes, M.D.*
The teachings in this little book embrace love, compassion, joy and gratitude. They express the oneness - though not the sameness of us all. They celebrate diversity and heal divisiveness. They discuss spiritual principles that include the power of love, the nature of free will, the significance of surrender, the play of light and dark and the dynamics of joy. They also offer insights as to who we are, encouragement for aspiring and help with becoming. The messages give assurances as well as guidance.

*The real authors of this book are the ancestors. Above all, the text celebrates the wisdom available to us from the other side of the veil between worlds, and how we as sentient beings can benefit from spirit guides or ancestors.
$14 (add tax for CA)
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Since Dave Cumes' initiation in South Africa he has been receiving songs in his dreams from the spirit world. Some of these are chants without words, other songs may have a few words and sometimes he has dreams with words in Zulu, Afrikaans and Hebrew which he utilizes in the songs. The meanings of the words are sometimes obscure. He has been told by his ancestors that the songs are meant for healing. Available through CDbaby.com and through Dave's office at 805-964-6771.

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South African Television (SABC)
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First in a series of lectures by Dave about "spiritual technology"

"The ability to move the spirit that heals probably has existed as long as humans have walked the planet, and we need to familiarize ourselves with its mechanism…As doctors, we need to recognize our ability to facilitate or aggravate the patient's Inner Healer not only by our deeds, words and body language, but also by our wishes and thoughts. The positive desires and prayers of the physician are just as important as the affirmations and visualizations of the patient in the healing process."

The Spirit of Healing
David M. Cumes, M.D.


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